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Don't Break My Heart!

     Would you date someone who is known to be a player? The type of person who always cheats and lies to their significant other.  Would you take the chance of getting your feelings crushed by someone who has problems committing just because you really like this person? Is it really worth it?

You Belong To Me!

     Some people can be extremely possessive when they're in a relationship. Sometimes, they remain possessive even though the relationship has ended. They have that once mine always mine attitude because they believe that if they still wanted to be with that person they can easily take them back. This type of attitude can be used to keep a person hanging when there is really no hope of a reconciliation. What do you think of this type of behavior?

Some People Will Kick You While Your Down!

     We've all had a time in our lives when we were able to say "I told you so," to a friend who didn't listen to our advice. Some people can't wait for the moment for you to hit rock bottom so they can laugh in your face. I always try to take the high road because I don't like to kick people when they're down. Why would anyone want to make another person feel worse when they're already dying inside? Instead of gloating because you were right all along, you could simply tell the person to take the situation as a learning experience and move on!

Magic Pill!

If you could take a pill that would make you forget the people and memories of your choice would you take it?
     If I could take a pill to erase the memories of certain people, I definitely would. If the good times outweighed the bad then these people aren't worth remembering!

Ride or Die!

     Do you consider yourself to be a ride or die female? This term is used to describe a woman who is there for her man through thick and then. No matter what the situation is she remains by his side. I believe that loyalty should be reciprocated. I wouldn't be able to support someone in bad times who never shared the joy of the good times with me. I couldn't be loyal to someone who was never there for me and only comes around when they need or want something. Can you be there for a person who only hurts you and brings chaos to your life?

Do You Follow Your Heart When It Comes to Love?

     People often follow their hearts and all sense of logic goes straight out the window when it comes to relationships. Some people can't stand to be without the person that they love even if that person is making their life miserable. I think that a person can only take so much before they say enough is enough! Every relationship will run its course and when it's over it's over! There will nothing that the person can say to make things better once you have made up your mind to terminate the relationship!

I Want Her Back!

     Recently, I received a letter from someone asking me how they could get the love of their life back. My response is that there is no possible guarantee that the person will ever come back to you. I don't know all the details about the relationship so I will say this: "If the two of you really had something special there could be a chance of you guys reuniting. Sometimes, two people can really love each other but if a person is not willing to change their ways it will never work out. If you miss her let her know that but you have to give her space. I was in a previous relationship with someone who had a nasty attitude and I couldn't deal with it. Loving someone is not a guarantee that they will change!

Big Secrets!

Some people pretend to be someone else when they're in a relationship to please their significant other. Do you think it's okay to hide your true personality from the people you love?

Love or Money

If becoming rich and famous meant that you would have to give up the opportunity to live happily ever after with the love of your life which one would you choose? Love or Money!

Being A Grown Up

You know that you're an adult when you take responsibility for the decisions you have made instead of blaming someone else. You're an adult when you can stand on your own two feet and provide for you and your children. Your an adult when your comfortable being single and you don't need to be in a relationship to feel complete. Knowing that every new day gives you the opportunity to start over makes you an Adult!

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